Monday, January 14, 2013

Chill Out - A Tropical Island Paradise Beckons

Introduction by William L. Gills aka Bos'n Bill

It's January and if you long for longer, sunny, warm days this time of year a tropical paradise is never too far away; a place where life slows down, lush verdant tropical foliage abound from the mountains down to the soft coral sand and calm, teal tropical sea.

Imagine yourself in another time and place where cares drift down peaceful waterways and soft breezes waft through your hair bringing a refreshing calmness and renewed spirit.

If this is where you want to be even if it's virtual and transient, you've come to the right place. Grab your favorite beverage and chill out in Tahiti for eight minutes. If that's not enough, take a trip to Papua New Guinea. We went there last year, remember? Trip to Eden - a Tropical Paradise.  The tropics beckon.

 It's in high definition (HD). Double click on the screen for a full view video immersion.

Wonderful Chill Out Music Nature Videos

William L. Gills aka Bos'n Bill, webmaster of this site, is the author of the book Lubber's log, published by Llumina Press; a boating journal and adventure story of the author's first time experiences in the preparation, maintenance and piloting of a new, unfamiliar boat. You can visit his website here.



  1. The timing seemed right for some timeout in the tropics.

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