Sunday, January 29, 2012

Boat Drinks - A State of Mind

Introduction by William L. Gills aka Bos'n Bill

It's January, the days are short and the weather up north less than cool; the time of year when looking for relief from the winter doldrums, cabin fever and the blues from lack of sunshine descend upon a once vibrant summer soul.  It's time to go where the weather is easy, the water refreshing and the sunshine a rejuvenation.

Boat Drinks are often part of the "flight from sight" equation this time of year, but more than Margaritas, Pina Coladas and Rum highballs, Boat Drinks is a "state of mind".  As Jimmy Buffet will tell you, it's that time of year when you "gotta' go where it's warm, where everything is right, the pace is slow and there ain't no snow."   I have to agree as I ponder the chill and darkness which becomes the tyranny of winter to a summer loyalist.

Now is the time for all the pale, pasty, sorry excuses for water lovin', land bound scallywags to get away. If you can't flee to paradise, you've still got Boat Drinks. It's only a "state of mind" after all. Be of hearty spirit mateys! Spring is not that far away. 

William L. Gills aka Bos'n Bill is the author of the book, Lubber's Log published by Llumina Press; a boating primer and adventure story about a couples experiences in moving up to a bigger boat.  

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