Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bill Dance Fishing Tips and Video Bloopers!

Introduction by William L. Gills aka Bos'n Bill

Bill Dance, one of the world's most famous pro fisherman has won countless bass fishing tournaments over the years.  In 1968 he started a TV show, Bill Dance Outdoors to promote a lure and his show has grown to be hugely popular among anglers and outdoorsman.  Besides his TV show, he's written several books on fishing, does how-to-seminars, tackle endorsements and has his own magazine.

Bill has a passion for fishing and in this outtake video he shares some useful fishing tips and teaches by example what not to do with rod, reel, tackle box and boat.

William L. Gills aka Bos'n Bill, webmaster of this site, is the author of the book Lubber's log, published by Llumina Press; a boating journal and adventure story of the author's first time experiences in the preparation, maintenance and piloting of a new, unfamiliar boat. You can visit his website here.

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