Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Who Needs Trim Tabs?

If you don't have trim tabs on a planing hull or if you do have them and they aren't working properly your boat's performance, efficiency and safety may be seriously compromised.  Trim tabs are designed to get a boat on plane quickly and correct for uneven weight distribution. With the proper attitude relative to the pitch and roll of the boat given variable wave conditions on any given day you will likely experience increased fuel efficiency, less squatting, a reduction in pounding/porpoising, improved visibility and overall increase in speed.

John Greviskis, one of the most popular figures in boating today is in his 13th broadcast season of his brainchild,  Ship Shape TV. In the video below the illustrations, John and Fair Hyams of Bennett Marine, leader in trim tab innovations, explains the benefits of trim tabs and how they work.

                                   Illustration of How Trim Tabs Work
                 Illustration by Paul Mirto, longtime boater and digital illustrator

        Trim Tabs Overview as seen on Ship Shape TV

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